Catholic Youth Links

 Life Teen
    LIFE TEEN, Inc., is an international Catholic ministry that serves the Church and leads teens closer to Christ by providing resources and training that encourage vibrant Eucharistic celebrations and opportunities for teens to grow in their faith.
 Rock for Life
   An organization of Christian youth who enjoy the harder side of guitars and drums. Its members also love Jesus, and they do not appreciate the pro-sex, anti-family, pro-choice (i.e., pro-abortion) drug culture being promoted on the music video network known as MTV.
 Abstinence Pledges Curtail Teen Pregnancies
   Report released by the Heritage Foundation reveals that efforts recommending abstinence to teens can pay off in reducing out-of-wedlock births.
 Magdalen College
   Helps high-school-age students answer the Christian challenge of the Holy Father and seek the highest ideals. The Summer Youth Program at the College provides one-week and two-week sessions for young men and women ages 15-18 to study, pray, enjoy sports, music, and drama, and develop good friendships.


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